3M Clear Tape strips

3M Clear Tape strips

3M adhesive tapes are a medical grade tape for poly hair systems. A daily wear favorite, known for being gentle on skin. Holds 1-7 days. | Bond Breaker should always be the first step in preparing for an install. Bond Breaker Shampoo breaks down the adhesives, scrubs the skin, and cleans the hair in one step. | C-22 is the #1 adhesive remover we make. Not only is it gentle on skin, but it works FAST. It also has a fresh scent (it’s citrus-based), and it’s easy to rinse with soap and water.

* 1/2” x 3” (36/bag), 3/4” x 3” (36/bag), 1” x 3” (36/bag), A/Contour (36/bag), B/Contour (36/bag), C/Contour (36/bag) or D/Contour (36/bag) format, get a 15% discount with the purchase of every box of twelve.

Walker Tape
1/2'' x 3'' (36/bag)
3/4'' x 3'' (36/bag)
1'' x 3'' (36/bag)
A/Contour (36/bag)
B/Contour (36/bag)
B/Contour (1000/bag)
C/Contour (36/bag)
C/Contour (1000/bag)
D/Contour (36/bag)
D/Contour (1000/bag)

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