Capillus Plus S1 | 214 laser diodes – Bluetooth

Capillus Plus S1 | 214 laser diodes – Bluetooth

The Capillus PLUS S1 is our Cost-Effective device. Features 214 medical-grade laser diodes and 1070 mW of laser energy (1.8x more lasers than the Capillus One) for better scalp coverage that is powerful yet affordable. While each of our Capillus caps have numerous similar features, the primary difference between them is a difference in scalp coverage, as well as total energy output. What does more lasers mean? Density of lasers translates to density of results. With more lasers per inch you will see results over more areas, for even more results noticeable faster.

  • 214 medical grade laser diodes
  • Licensed by Health Canada and FDA-cleared
  • 6 minutes a day
  • Bluetooth connectivity – track progress through periodic hair selfies, with the help of our Capillus App
  • Sizing information : head circumference of up to 23″
  • 5 years manufacturer warranty | 1 year warranty on the battery pack

The Capillus device prevents further hair loss and reverse the process of balding in both men & women with hereditary hair loss. It is safe, effective and easy to use for treating androgenetic alopecia and revitalizing damaged hair across the scalp.

The laser treatment is clinically proven to stop hair loss in 93% of cases and reverse the hair thinning cycle.